Framed print of Spirit of the Falls by visionary landscape artist, Eli Thomas.

Description of the image by Eli Thomas ..

"The most powerful way to use sacred tabacco is a pinch between your two fingers, placing it straight to the mother earth.
In this painting he is throwing the tabacco into the fire to start his thanksgiving. 
The man beside the fire is beginning his thanksgiving.On top of the waterfall there are images of two feathers. Water is the hair, stone is the shoulder and the face, the tree is the arm and hand,plus from the mouth to the fire is the stem of a pipe. There is a wolf around the man, the wolf legs are underneath him. Six elders faces around the rocks represent wolf family leaders for each Haudenosaunee Nation ( people who follow the great laws of peace ) The elder nearest the waterfall has a featherd hat with an eagle feather. There is a wolf around the feather. Above the waterfall is another wolf. The eyes of each of the wolves are chickadees. In the rocks there are five wolf puppies,and six boys that symbolize the six nations. The boys are all from different nations and speak different languages,but they are all related and connected, nothing stands alone.
The birds are a peaceful enjoyment to the man as he gives his thanksgiving. He knows that he is making decisions that will affect the seventh generation. This is a reminder to think very carefully about what we are doing each day. "


Spirit of the Falls by Eli Thomas