The Heart Coming: A rise to cosmic consciousness by Brian Petroski. 14" x 11" framed print

Brian Petroski is a local artist who has been painting for over 20 years.

Some inspiring visionary words of his...

“Everything in our reality is composed of conscious energy. You, me, the chair, the wall, the trees, plants, animals, and even the lonely rock is all conscious vibrating energy densely compacted to give us the perception of a tangible and 'solid' reality. That energy is malleable and directly effected by the thoughts and emotions that we put out individually and collectively, all of which literally creates our reality.

The splash painting process I use in my paintings is an artistic representation of this energy which connects and binds everything together. The entirety of this vibration changes every single moment, much more than we are able to perceive with our eyes and instruments. When we begin to acknowledge and accept this individually, as well as a civilization, along with all of its inherent responsibilities, everything will change and we will begin to live fully empowered lives where things we never thought were possible will become everyday occurrences.  

This will by no means be easy and it will require humanity taking back their own personal responsibility, especially for their own thoughts, emotions, and actions while also severing our addictions and distractions, which only keep us veiled from our true nature. Once people wake from the centuries long slumber, we will enter a golden era leading into an unprecedentedly amazing future.

We are truly living in amazing times.”

The Heart Coming: A rise to cosmic consciousness framed print